Hey, Don’t Feed Your Dog These Foods!

It is always tempting to share our food with our dogs, especially when they look up at us with those big, puppy dog eyes.  Some foods we eat are fine for dogs to eat and some may even have health benefits for them, but others can prove to be deadly.  Some of the foods on […]

Is Homemade Dog Food Right for You?

Most people give their dogs at least some amount of “human food” on occasion, but what if you only fed your dog “human food”?  Would it be difficult or take a lot of time or money?  Is it better for my dog?  In this blog post we will cover these questions and provide some information […]

Dog Friendly Summer Activities

Sometimes we find ourselves getting in the routine of spending time with our dogs in the same ways: backyard play, walk, repeat.  Here are some summer activities that you can do to keep things fresh for you and your furry companion! Backyard Water Park Set up a sprinkler and baby pool in your yard, encourage […]

National Foster A Pet Month

June is national Foster A Pet Month, so we thought it was a good time to talk about the basics of fostering animals.  Have you been thinking about getting another pet, but don’t want to fully commit to owning?  Do you want to give back to pets in need of a home or to shelters […]

Pet Spotlight: Abbey

Abbey is a two-and-a-half-year-old Hound mix.  Abbey was brought in as a stray to an animal shelter in Alabama.  She spent six months in that shelter before she was brought to Pennsylvania for adoption. The minute we met her, it was clear how lovable  Abbey is – she loves snuggling and giving loooots of kisses! […]

Dog Days of Summer

Many dog owners love to spend summer days outside with their furry friends, but there are precautions that they should take.  If certain measures aren’t taken, the summer heat can be dangerous to dogs! Dogs are not able to cool down as easily as a human can because they sweat very little and even panting […]

5 Dog Walking Tips for Spring Showers:

All these rainy spring days got us thinking about how it can keep people from getting their dogs outside.  Sometimes dog owners shy away from taking their dog for their usual walk because of the weather, but your dog still needs their exercise! This is your guide to make things a little easier for your […]