Meet Gremlin, A.K.A. Gremmie! Last week we did a pet spotlight on Gremmie’s sister Tulip. Gremmie, Tulip and their brother Lou are frequent visitors of the Penny’s Play, Sit & Stay gang! Gremmie is an approximately two-year-old mix breed rescue dog who, like his siblings, brings so much joy to the house when he is staying with us!

We asked Gremlin’s mom, Courtnie, to tell us her adoption story to add with this spotlight and so many things that she said rang true with what we see when he’s with us. Courtnie said, “Gremlin or “Gremmie” as we affectionately call him came into our home as a 12 week old rescued puppy. He earned his name because we quickly realized that we shouldn’t feed him after 8 pm and if he was sleeping and we turned the lights on, he became a little (but lovable) monster. Gremmie has been with us for a year and a half and in that time he has won over our entire family. Although he is small, he is a fierce protector. We are sure that our front window is the safest in the neighborhood as he lets us know when anyone is within 500 feet of our home. He is such a sweet boy and has always been welcoming with the many foster pups we have brought in and out of our home. His playful spirit and photo-ready smile make it nearly impossible to stay mad at him for long- we think he is absolutely perfect.”

We really love having Gremmie around; he is such a lovable little guy! He definitely thinks it is his duty to guard the house and will let you know if someone is walking by (or maybe even a leaf is blowing by). He is a great playmate to all the dogs that he comes into contact with, and although he is smaller than most of the pups he is typically around, he can hold his own. His go-to move is nibbling at the ankles of his bigger playmates. He absolutely LOVES being outside – he’s always the first one out and last one in. He absolutely adores his big sister Tulip and they are practically inseparable whether they are cuddling together on the couch or playing out in the yard. His lovable personality and his playful attitude really make him a great addition to our pack!

You can find more information on how to make your dog a member of the pack here!

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