Meet Chase! He is the best friend of the Penny’s Play, Sit & Stay pack! Chase is a year and a half old Pomsky(half Pomeranian, half Husky).  Chase was chosen by his owner for his fun-loving personality, as well as his high level of cuteness of course.  He is friendly with dogs, cats and humans alike.  Chase will snuggle up with anyone or anything that will let him.  He is playful and a little clumsy; a ball of energy wrapped up in a puffy little ball of fur.  Chase loves to wrestle with even bigger dogs, including his “girlfriend” Nymeria!  They share a special bond as Chase loved to play with Nymeria when she was a puppy. 

One of the things Chase seems to love to do most is to get as dirty as possible.  If there is one small spot of mud in the yard, Chase will figure out how he can get it all over his coat.  In his attempt to crate train Chase, his owner realized that there is not a crate that he can not escape from.  He is now allowed to roam the house when his owner is away, but he has the manners to not destroy anything while he is gone.  Like many other dogs, Chase likes to ride in the car with his ears blowing in the breeze(pictured below). You can follow Chase on his instagram page @chase_mcpomsky. Chase is a frequent friend to Penny’s Play, Sit & Stay, and we love it that way!

You can find more information on how to make your dog a member of the pack here!

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