Sometimes we find ourselves getting in the routine of spending time with our dogs in the same ways: backyard play, walk, repeat.  Here are some summer activities that you can do to keep things fresh for you and your furry companion!

Backyard Water Park

Set up a sprinkler and baby pool in your yard, encourage your dog to run through the sprinkler by throwing their favorite toy through it or running through it yourself.  This is a great option if your dog enjoys water!  They can get in some playtime while staying cool in the water.

Hike/Camping Trip

Take your dog on a hike or maybe even an over night camping trip.  The shade in heavily wooded areas can keep you and your dog out of direct sunlight while staying active.  This idea can give you time to bond with your pet out in nature.

Beach/Lake Trip

Going to a pet friendly beach or lake can be a special trip for your dog.  Many dogs who don’t like pools will like running around in the shallow water of the ocean or a lake.  Be sure to use a life jacket for your pet if they will be going into deeper water and avoid the ocean if the surf is rough.

Park & Picnic

Take your dog to your favorite park or try out a park you haven’t been to before.  Many parks have dog parks within them where you can let your dog off leash to run around.  Make sure to find shady areas to take a break, maybe even pack a dog friendly picnic and take a break for lunch in a shady area.

Doggie Play Date

Invite friends and family over who also have dogs.  Have activities planned like a sprinkler or pool, a variety of toys and maybe even some pet friendly snacks.  This allows your dog to socialize with both other dogs and humans. 

These activities can help get you and your dog out for some fun in the sun.  When doing any of these activities, be sure to follow our summer safety tips.  If you have other activities you like to do with your dog, we’d love to see them in the comments below!

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