June is national Foster A Pet Month, so we thought it was a good time to talk about the basics of fostering animals.  Have you been thinking about getting another pet, but don’t want to fully commit to owning?  Do you want to give back to pets in need of a home or to shelters that need more space to save more animals?  Here is some information about fostering pets that we think you’ll find useful!

Why foster a pet?

Many animals are stuck in shelters until someone adopts them.  Bringing a pet into your home in a foster situation can help improve their life in the short term and get them acclimated to a home environment for when they find their forever home.  Many shelters are constantly full; taking an animal to your home can free up space for them to save another animal.  Fostering can be a very rewarding experience.

Where do I find animals to foster?

Search for local shelters or rescues.  Most, if not all, shelters and rescues have a section of their website to give information to potential fosters.  You will likely need to apply to be a foster and provide them with information about you to be sure you are a good fit.

How do I choose which organization to foster for?

When you search the shelters and rescues in your area, you will learn more information to help you choose.  The organization can tell you the type of pet or pets that they need fosters for, the typical length of time that pets need to be fostered for, training that they offer before becoming a foster and support they give you when you become a foster.  All of these things can help you decide which foster situation is best for you.

Whether you are looking to give back to animals in need, want more furry friends to love or want to help out your local shelter or rescue; fostering can be a great experience.  Take the steps to find a shelter or rescue in your area who is in need of fosters and get some information from them so you can decide if fostering is right for you!

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