Dog Days of Summer

Many dog owners love to spend summer days outside with their furry friends, but there are precautions that they should take.  If certain measures aren’t taken, the summer heat can be dangerous to dogs! Dogs are not able to cool down as easily as a human can because they sweat very little and even panting provides little relief in hot weather. Follow these safety precautions and you can have your dog by your side for all of your summer activities!

Keep an Eye on Their Paws

Be sure to pay attention to what kind of surface your dog is walking on.  Asphalt, metal or dark gravel can get EXTREMELY hot and burn your dog’s paws.  Keep your dog on cooler surfaces like grass or dirt as much as possible!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Dogs need much more water on hot days than humans do.  In addition to keeping them hydrated, drinking water also helps keep your dog cooled down!  Always keep a bowl of fresh drinking water in a shady spot and refresh it often.  If you are out on a walk or a hike, bring a portable bowl and bottled water for your dog.  There are special water bottles designed for dogs that have a bowl attached to it for easy storage!

Made in the Shade

Provide your dog with a nice, shady spot to relax in. If you don’t have much natural shade from trees or your house, you can do create one with items like a canopy or large umbrella.  If you are out and about with your dog, stopping in a shady area to give your dog a few minutes to cool off is a great idea.

Keep ‘Em Cool in a Pool

Allowing your pup to take a swim in a pool is another fun way to keep them from getting too hot outside. If you don’t have a pool at your house – no problem! You can purchase an inexpensive baby pool as an option to give your dogs some relief.  Make sure to keep the water fresh so that it doesn’t warm up.  Your dog can hop in for a quick dip or lay in the water to stay cool in between running around.

Lotion ‘Em Up

Like humans, dogs can get sunburned.  If you have a dog with short hair or a light-colored coat and plan to have them outside for an extended period of time, you should apply some sunscreen.  You can buy sunscreen made for dogs to be sure it will not harm your furry friends (ask your veterinarian what they recommend).  Apply sunscreen about 15 minutes before going into the sun, try to keep your dog from licking it off before it absorbs.  The most important areas to apply to sunscreen are the nose, ears, skin around the lips, groin, inner thighs and any other areas your dog has light skin exposed.  Remember to reapply after 4 hours or after they get wet.

We know how much you and your dog look forward to hanging out together outside in the warmer months. Your best furry friends will thank you for keeping these tips in mind on a hot day! Just remember fresh, cool water will go a long way and if you need sunscreen, shoes, or shade – they feel the same! Leave us a comment with your favorite activities to do in the summer with your pups!

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