All these rainy spring days got us thinking about how it can keep people from getting their dogs outside.  Sometimes dog owners shy away from taking their dog for their usual walk because of the weather, but your dog still needs their exercise! This is your guide to make things a little easier for your trek into the spring showers…

Human Protection

Dress appropriately for the temperature, but also for the rain.  Waterproof shoes are a good idea, but be sure that they are appropriate for a walk.  Bringing a large umbrella can also help keep you dry.

Pup Protection

Some dogs will tolerate rain jackets or even rain boots.  If that’s the case with your pup, this is a great option to keep them dry.  If your dog won’t tolerate rain gear, your large umbrella is great to keep your dog dry as well.  Taking a break with your dog under cover, like large trees, where they can do their business is a great idea.

Prepare for the Worst

I know my pups love to get muddy in the rain, so I always leave towels by the door before we leave. When you get back, you can grab the towel and dry them off before they have a chance to shake or stomp their muddy paws on your favorite rug.

Alternative Exercise

If you have the space in your backyard for your dog to run, try a nice game of fetch.  Your dog can get out, go to the bathroom and get their exercise in a shorter period of time.  The energy they exert running around after a ball can be shorter than a leisurely walk and get out more of their energy.

Hire Someone

When you hire a professional dog walker, you don’t have to worry about them getting their exercise when the weather is bad.  A professional dog walker will make sure that your dog gets out for their exercise — rain or shine!!  Hiring a professional beats any alternative because we are trained and have the experience to keep your pup safe and return them home happy and tired.

Your pet (most likely) doesn’t care about the weather, but still needs their exercise. Use these helpful tips (or our services) to make sure they get it.

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